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Before anyone could be offended, the Association later specified in a press release, "The Co-Redemptrix title never places Mary on a level of equality with Jesus Christ, the only divine Redeemer, as to do so would constitute both heresy and blasphemy. Mary Co-Redemptrix proclaims to the world that suffering is redemptive when united to the sufferings of Christ.

Fastiggi stated in emailed comments. Fastiggi cited previous popes Pius XI and St. John Paul II to say each has called the Holy Virgin "Co-Redemptrix" on several occasions, so if Pope Francis also acknowledges her in this way, it could help clarify Mary's role in the Catholic religion. Take this quick St. Patrick's quiz! Copyright Catholic Online.

The Blessed Virgin Mary: Co-Redemptrix of Mankind

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Newsletters Sign Up Stay up to date with the latest news, information, and special offers. Mysteries of the Rosary. Trending Prayers: Unfailing Prayer to St. Trending Saints: Bl. Miguel Pro St. Cecilia St. There were two reasons for this decision: the first dealt with the theological clarifications which must first be made, and the second dealt with the ecumenical dialogue. In accord with the precedent set at Vatican II, the participants agreed that a doctrinal declaration should not "settle questions which have not yet been fully clarified by the work of theologians" Lumen Gentium Although these titles are in common use, they are subject to ambiguous and different interpretations.

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The word "co-redemptrix" did not appear in the magisterium until the pontificate of Pius XII. Earlier in the twentieth century, Pius XI had formed national commissions to study the possibility of a dogmatic definition of Mary as mediatrix. The pneumatological consequences of calling Mary "advocate" must also be carefully studied. The second reason the theologians gave for recommending that the Holy See not define these Marian prerogatives dealt with the ecumenical dialogue.

He suggests that all Christians consider the Virgin Mary as "Mother of God, icon of the Church, spiritual mother who intercedes for all the disciples of Christ and for the whole of humanity" n. The theologians wished to follow the line of dialogue as outlined in the encyclical as the way to promote unity among all the churches. Thank you for your work as apologist. We need good apologists! Purpose and objectives of the VPMM is not new. Similar attempts promoting a fifth marian dogma were undertaken in the 20ss of the twentieth century. They did not come to fruition due to Pius XII's veto.

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Lumen Gentium carefully avoided co-redemption terminology; so does the magisterial teaching since Vatican II. Mary's active participation in salvation has never been questioned: as mother of the redeemer, as his disciple, and as his associate. Mary was associated with her redeemer-son essentially through:. Dogmatization attempts do not respond to a real doctrinal necessity such as to defend severely questioned aspects of our faith. Its primary purpose is devotional; the fifth dogma would give Mary more privilege and honor.

Although in favor of honoring and praising Mary, I believe this can be achieved by or through other means, such as a new title or feast. The implication of a possible papal declaration of a dogma of co-redemption seems to mean that together Christ and Mary redeemed the world.

Thus, on Calvary there were two redeemers and together they were co-offering His sacrifice to the Father. As co-offering, co-sacrificing co-redeemers, Christ and Mary were mediating the grace of redemption through which they were co-mediators co-mediating man's salvation.

A New Marian Dogma? Coredemptrix, Mediatrix of All Graces, Advocate

However, 1 Tim. Lumen Gentium calls Mary "Mother of the Redeemer" LG, 53, 55 , one who is not called both mother and a co-redeemer, since "no creature could ever be counted along with the Incarnate Word and Redeemer" LG, 62 , and because in her divine motherhood "she is united with her Son, the Redeemer" LG, Therefore, one may ask: is Mary the co-chairman of redemption?

Is she the co-author who along with the Word of God wrote the work of redemption? Is she an authoress and co-Word of God? As a co-redeemer, would she not be a co-priestess on Calvary, co-sacrificing with her Son the High Priest? In light of Lumen Gentium, Mary's contribution to the work of redemption is not by way of being a co-redeeming power but is made through her "manifold intercession" and "maternal charity," which "neither takes away anything from nor adds anything to the dignity and efficacy of Christ the one Mediator LG, She does not immolate her Son in a co-expiating act, but in her heart is "lovingly consenting to the immolation of this victim which was born of her," LG, 58 , which is precisely the teaching of St.

Louis de Montfort. Because her maternal cooperation comes from "the consent which she loyally gave at the annunciation and which she sustains without wavering beneath the cross " LG , 62; emphasis added , she sustains what Christ efficaciously and sacramentally merits and accomplishes, She does not co-institute the sacraments. Mary is not a co-director, co-founder or co-producer of sacramental grace.

Only God can create and re-create the human race in the state of grace. As the New Eve and Mother of eternal life, she nurtures and sustains the seed of eternal life that He generates and plants in "restoring supernatural life to souls" LG, According to St.

Peter, "your rebirth has come, not from a destructible but from an indestructible seed, through the living and enduring word of God" l Pet. She is not a redeemer or an efficacious or meritorious cause who ontologically adds to the efficacy of man' s divine redemption cf; LG, 62 " but is the "Mother of Christ and mother of men" LG, Quoting St.

Augustine, Lumen Gentium states that "she is clearly the mother of the members of Christ, since she has by her charity joined in bringing about the birth of believers in the Church, who are members of its head" LG, She cooperates in this birth not with a co-redeemer's love, co-creating or co-generating a soul or the grace for a soul, but she cooperates with a mother's love and sustains the divine act of the generation and formation of the faithful cf.

La, The union of Christ and Mary is not a hypostatic union, otherwise what is attributable to Christ would co-equally be attributable to Mary. Jesus is author of the divine act that re-creates and generates the divine redemption of man in grace, while Mary is mother of the human act that cooperates and sustains the divine redemption of man in grace. Because she is "redeemed in a more excellent fashion" LG, 53 , she does not re-create mankind in a state of grace, but distributes, sustains and transmits only what "flows forth from the superabundance of the merits of Christ" LG, As Mother of the faithful, she is not a co-efficient cause of redemption.

Since God alone creates and re-creates, co-redemption is singularly a Trinitarian act not within the capacity of any created human being. Rather than being designated as a redeemer in the order of grace, Mary "is a mother to us in the order of grace" LG, 61 , while Jesus is the Redeemer of man and the fountain of sacramental life in the Church. The Mystical Body of Christ as a communion of persons is redeemed by the co-redeeming Trinity and it is brought forth from the water and blood flowing from His side.

According to Pope John Paul II, "by means of His own blood, He must enter the eternal dwelling places, having accomplished the world's redemption" Colosseum , April 21, In the Church, man is born again through water, the Holy Spirit and Mary's spiritual motherhood. As Mother of the Church, Mary "devoted herself totally as handmaid of the Lord to the person and work of her Son, under and with Him, serving the mystery of redemption" LG, To the extent that Christ takes His flesh from Mary, she makes a material and consensual, but not an efficacious or efficient, contribution to the divine work of redemption, in which "the Son of God has taken human nature from her that He might in the mystery of His flesh free man from sin" LG, 55; emphasis added.

Her cooperation in the mystery of God's providential plan is based not so much on the redemption, sanctification or salvation of the faithful, but on the primacy of her own sanctification, which is the focus and locus of where the "divine mystery of salvation is revealed to us" LG, 52 , and where she is endowed not with the power of being a co-redeemer, but "endowed with the high office and dignity of the Mother of the Son of God, and therefore she is also the beloved daughter of the Father and the temple of the Holy Spirit" LG, 53; emphasis added.

Millions of petitions from around the world have been presented to the Vatican for the dogmatic proclamation of the Blessed Virgin Mary as Co-Redemptrix.

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As a consequence, this topic has made national headlines and evoked widespread discussion, confusion and misunderstanding. Below we post interviews from with two renowned Mariologists who explore the pros and cons of the theological debate. Will the Church proclaim Mary the Co-redemptrix and Mediatrix of all graces, as some groups urge? Father de Fiores is a member of the International Pontifical Marian Academy, which advises the Pope on all theological questions relating to the person of Mary. He said that to define Mary as "Co-redemptrix" does not mean to place her at the same saving level as Jesus, but to emphasize her cooperative role in salvation.

Q: There is a proposal to invoke Mary as Co-redemptrix. Would it be necessary to proclaim a new dogma?

A: Father de Fiores: From the conciliar and ecumenical point of view, it is certainly not opportune to proclaim this dogma at this time. The separated brethren, Protestants and Orthodox, reproach us for not consulting them in regard to the last dogmas on Mary.

With Jesus:The Story of Mary Co-Redemptrix

This is why I think that a dogma of this type would have to include their participation. Let us first move toward union or toward a certain convergence among Christians; we will then examine if it is pertinent to proclaim Mary Co-redemptrix. In fact, the title of Co-redemptrix has not been used since Pius XII, and the Pontiffs do not mention it precisely so as not to cause a misunderstanding with the Protestants.

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Indeed, co-redemption is not something new.